Building Community in Your Neighborhood

landscapeStrong, vibrant neighborhoods do not just happen. They are the result of years of hard work and effort. Since 1977, the Yacht Club Estates Civic Association has invested time and money in building and strengthening our neighborhood by providing and promoting a variety of programs and activities aimed at improving the quality of life and home values in our wonderful neighborhood. Dues support our common grounds maintenance, improvements and upgrades, along with the association's social activities.

2018 YCECA Membership Application

Membership Levels

We have a number of membership options. The amounts below are recommended amounts.  Select the amount that is comfortable.

annual meetingBRONZE      - $25 - $49
SILVER        - $50 - $74
GOLD           - $75 - $99
PLATINUM   - $100 -

Make an investment in the future of your neighborhood.   Membership forms the cornerstone of the Association and is vital to our success. Join today!


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