Neighborhood Watch Committee       

crime watchOur YCE Neighborhood Watch Chairman is Dieter Weber. If there is an issue involving something in the Neighborhood that needs attention, you may contact him (see contact information below). If you have an issue that needs law enforcement involvement, please contact the St. Petersburg Police Department directly. if the situation needs immediate attention, call 911. If it does not require immediate attention, call the Non-Emergency number 727-893-7780.

Our neighborhood is still one of the safest in St. Petersburg, but we continue to have a few occurrences of crime, much of which is preventable. One of the best ways to protect you and your property is to work closely with your immediate neighbors. Make sure they know when you will be out of town and vice versa. Communicate with them and just be aware of their comings and goings.

We have a wonderful neighborhood. Let's all work together to keep it that way, and to keep it safe and crime-free!

Please click for a handy list of do's and don'ts from your Coordiinators.

Your Neighborhood Watch Coordinators, along with the YCECA Executive Board, work with the St. Petersburg Police Department Community Service Unit. We are District III.   Our designated contact is Officer Mark Williams. ( Neighbors can contact Officer Williams to schedule a free Home Security Survey.) Officer Williams provides us with a conduit to the St. Petersburg Police Department. Through him, Committee and Board members are invited to various City-sponsored events focused on crime prevention.  

police logoSt. Pete. Police Dept. & Other Neighborhood Watch Contacts

The following is a listing of important emergency and non-emergency contacts:

Description/Name Telephone Website/Email/Notes
Neighborhood Watch Chairman
Dieter Weber

Non-Emergency 893-7780  
Tip Line-Voice 892-5000  
Tip Line-Messages 420-8911  
To File Online Police Reports
Police Dept.- Main
Community Service Unit - District III 551-3181 Use this line to report quality of life issues, e.g. speeding on 79th Street.
Mark Williams, our District III Officer 893-4935
Crime Reports Online
Media Relations 893-7550  
Florida Sex Offender Alert System

Crime Reports Website - The first time you connect, you may need to enter our zip code to get to the right general location on the map.
In the future it should remember your location.  If you would like to compare YCE with other St. Pete. areas, pan to the east and you will see
the volume of reported incidents increase dramatically.

Sex Offender Alert - You need to sign up and create an account to use this service.  However, the Crime Reports site also lists sex offenders.