welcomeWelcome to our Newest YCE Neighbors

Summer 2017

These are the newest members of our neighborhood. (Bold denotes YCECA Membership).  Please help us welcome them by just saying hello and offering information about our lovely neighborhood.


Patrick & Roula Hanna 7809 10th Avenue South
Steven & Lois Krueger 1230 80th Street South
Benjamin & Rebecca Larsen 1255 81th Street South
John Beckett & Wendy Larrison 7951 9th Avenue South
Tommy & Cheryl McDonnell 1091 79th Street South
Robert & Linda Mueller 1264 79th Street South
Tasos & Kristine Oureilidis 7884 10th Avenue South


If you know about any new neighbors that we have not mentioned, please contact me at 727-458-6161
or email me at denise@sunandsurfhomes.com.

Thanks for everyone's help!

Denise Reilly
Welcoming Committee Chairman