boat clubGet your YCECA Logo Items

We are all proud of our neighborhood!  Enjoy it even more with YCECA Logo items.  
Fly our YCE Burgee flag on your boat.  Serve your guests drinks from YCE Tervis Tumblers.  You can even get shirts, hats and more with the Logo.


YCECA Burgee Flags

burgee$25.00 each
12in. by 18 in.
Contact Tim Connolly

Tervis Tumblers

tumblersSizes available:
16 oz. @ $20.00
12 oz. @ $15.00
16 oz. Coffee Mug @ $20
Contact Dana Tenaglia

License Plates

license plate$4.00 each
Contact: Henry McIntosh

Other Logo Items

Many more YCE Logo Items are available from Cafe Press at
Check out the site for sweatshirts, T-shirts, leven a dog T-shirt, bags, and much more.